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Sintered Taper Shank Drill Bit-169
Sintered Taper Shank Drill Bit-172
Sintered Taper Shank Drill Bit-171
Sintered Taper Shank Drill Bit-170

Sintered Taper Shank Drill Bit

The sintered taper shank drill bit is made of high quality metal powder and synthetic diamond grits. Mainly used in the glass drilling machine to make holes. The length of the drill is 60mm and 65mm, and the wall thickness of the drill bit is 1mm, can drill the glass thickness from 3mm to 35mm.

The sintered taper shank drill bit have good self-sharpening and easy excretion. There is no vibration in the drilling process, have no broken for the glass, can make smooth hole-edge. Its’ service life is long, have longer working efficiency than other drill bits.

Different size and special requirements for the sintered taper shank drill bit can be customized.


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