Accessories For Insulated Glass

Cork Pad With Glue-282
Cork Pad With Glue-287
Cork Pad With Glue-288
Cork Pad With Glue-286
Cork Pad With Glue-285
Cork Pad With Glue-284
Cork Pad With Glue-283

Cork Pad With Glue

The cork pad is also called glass separator cork pad, is made of plain cork, adhesive PE film and plastic/paper protective liner, mainly used to protect the glass against scratches and damage in the transportation, storage, packing and installation.

The cork pad with glue don’t leave any unsightly residue when remove from the glass. Could greatly improve the drawbacks which caused by the previous packing materials.

The cork pad with glue is residue-free and easy to use. It is pollution free and aging free. Have stable performance.

The storage of cord pad need to avoid high humidity of air, to put it into clean and dry original cardboard can help to extend the using life.


Product Details


Pad Thickness


Tolerance of Pad Thickness


Cork Hardness


Pad Size



For size 20×20, 128pcs/sheet, 222sheets/carton, 28450pcs/carton, 11.34㎡/carton


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