Wheels For Shaped Machine

BD Wheel-378
BD Wheel-380
BD Wheel-379
BD Wheel-381

BD Wheel

The BD polishing wheel is made of high quality aluminum oxide, cerium oxide,abrasive and carborundum, mainly used in the shape machine for glass polishing. Compared with 10S polishing wheel, the BD polishing wheel have better sharpness and better brightness on glass.

The BD polishing wheel have high elasticity, the hardness is moderate, can greatly avoid the glass edge collapse, the polishing effect is high.

The BD polishing wheel can maintain longer shape, have good wear resistance.

The BD polishing wheel have fast polishing speed and good balance, won’t vibrate or shake in the working process, can make the workpiece with good finish surface.

The BD wheel have high polishing efficiency, can polish the glass with good brightness, which is the typical glass edge polishing technology.


Product Details




Hole Size


Working Rim Thickness


Raw Materials

High Quality Aluminum Oxide, Cerium Oxide, Abrasive, Carborundum


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