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Forklift Truck Skewer

As the specialized glass loading&unloading tool, the forklift truck skewer is suitable for both large size and small size glass. Without any changes of your forklift truck, the forklift skewer can be installed on it easily. The forklift arm is made from manganese steel, its’ loading capacity ups to 2700KGS. Just give us the structure of your forklift truck door frame(Load handler), we could produce the skewer which suit your forklift truck perfectly.


Product Details


1 Easy to use. Needn’t to change anything of the forklift truck, the skewer can be installed and used immediately.

2 Cost of skewer is low, compared to other loading&unloading tools, the forklift truck skewer is cost-saving.

3 With the skewer, to load and unload glass container is more efficient, glass with different size is suitable, it save both time and labour.

4 It is maintenance-free. The skewer’s structure is reasonable, needn’t any maintenance.

5 Its’ loading capacity ups to 2700KGS.


Loading Capacity

Arm Length

Net Weight





Suitable for any glass size


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